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3D Photo / Design Creator

Learn to create 3D photos/designs from static images for Facebook

1. Create

Design your content in the 3D Photo Maker design your normal photo with a clearly focused subject.

2. Set depth

Set the depth for your design elements based on how you want your 3D photo to be displayed.

3. Download

Download your original design and its depth map in Zip format to upload on Facebook.

A 3D graphic design can be a fun addition to your personal Facebook profile or marketing campaign, but capturing or creating one is always considered to be a complex thing. You should spend hours of time on Photoshop to make a depth map (a grey-scale copy of the original image based on its depth) which is very important to generate a 3D image for Facebook.

The WoFox 3D Photo Maker helps you set the depth of each element in your design and download both your design and its depth map (Lighter objects appear near, which when uploaded together in a Facebook post generates a mesmerizing 3D design.

Make use of WoFox's 1M assets comprising of 3D fonts, cliparts, stickers, filters and many other elements to make your design pop-out in your users' feed.

Experience What Others Are Creating

Want to create 3D post/photos for Facebook?

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