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3D Photo / Design Creator

Learn to create 3D photos/designs from static images for Facebook

1. Upload

Upload your normal photo with a clearly focused subject.

2. Generate depth map

Generate the depth map of your image and merge it with the original image.

3. Download

Download the resulting image to share as a 3D image on Facebook.

Don't know where to start? Try one of our 3d photo maker templates.

A 3D photo can be a fun addition to your personal Facebook profile or marketing campaign, but capturing or creating one is always considered to be a complex thing. You should either capture a photo with a dual lens iPhone or spend hours of time on Photoshop to make a 3D image.

With the 3D photo editor, you can effortlessly create a 3D photo out of a still photograph. You'll need the depth map (a grey-scale copy of the original image based on its depth) of your image, a complex process which is usually done with Photoshop.

The WoFox 3D photo editor predicts the dimensional depth of your image and quickly creates a depth map. Once it is created, it automatically merges the original still image with its depth map in the editor.

You can enhance your 3D photo by adding appropriate text, stickers or filters. Download the resulting final output and upload it on Facebook to view the depth of your newly created 3D photo but moving your mouse on top of the image.

Experience What Others Are Creating

Want to create 3D post/photos for Facebook?

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