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Online Picture Background Remover: Photo Cut Out Tool

Remove background & unwanted elements from your images online.

Tips & Tricks on how to remove background from image in a few clicks

Step by step Tutorial


​Upload the image for which you want to remove the background or an object.

​​Mark outline, background & foreground

Use the yellow marker to select the outline of the foreground and mark the area you want to remove (background) with red and the area you want to keep (foreground) with green markers.


Click the "Transform" button to start the transformation process. In a few seconds, the area selected with green marker appears on the right canvas without any background.


Use the "Download" icon to save your transparent image. You can use this image anywhere for your content creation process.

Video Tutorial on Tips & Tricks

The Basics

​Learn how to select the outline of the foreground, mark the area of the foreground and the background areas.

Zoom & Move

"Zoomed technique" is very useful for better edge recognition. This video demonstrates how to draw Edge on a zoomed image by using the space bar for fast switch between Magic Edge and Pan/Move tool.

Fixing inaccuracies

If the outline is not accurately recognized, clear the yellow marking with eraser and zoom in to draw a thinner and accurate outline.

Magic wand

A magic wand is very useful for a solid color or gradient background removal with just a single click.

Toolbar Guide

​Selection tools

​​Magic Edge tool

Foreground green marker tool

Background red marker tool

Magic Wand tool

Eraser tool

​​Clear selection tools​

​Clear marker on the image.

Undo and redo for the marker tools​​



​​Navigation tools​

​Simple tools for zoom and pan.

Main tools​​




​​Preview background tools

​Set the background of the preview box (right canvas).

Who can use this tool?​ ​Some usage ideas.

Access inside WoFox editors

Anyone can use Background Remover Especially those who create content on a regular basis for their business.

The background remover tool is also accessbible in the WoFox editor, this way, you can remove the background and swap another background image or select the foreground image to overlay on a different image , or add on cards, brochures, online ads, GIFs, videos and other visual content.

Show your products better

Selling your products on eCommerce sites like Shopify, Xcart​, Bigcommerce​Amazon, eBay or Etsy?

Make your product ​listing ​photographs stand out by removing the unwanted or distracting background. You can also place your background-less image on other complementary backgrounds to add to the aesthetics of the product image.

Or place it on a white background (Or any color that will highlight your product) to centralize the focus to your product.

No technical skills required

Supports popular graphic formats JPG or PNG​. Maximum image size: 8 MB.

​Something does not work/feature request.

If you found a bug or ​have a new feature request, give feedback​.

Remove the background and unwanted details from your image.

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