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Create your Brand's Digital Ads to increase your brand engagement.

Design beautiful ad copy graphics for social media, websites, and blogs

Online is where people are. To reach them it is important to generate brand awareness, increase leads and sales. This is why we make use of digital and social media advertising. According to the statistics, 64% of people get influenced after watching something online. It leverages the popularity of trusted sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google search and much more.

Digital advertising is mainly the paid ads that you come across on social media and other websites that persuade the target audiences to visit your website. WoFox provides you with various solutions to market your brand on social media and other websites with the help of various tools available on the platform for creating ads the Display and Social media ads.

Repurpose your content

Video is the second most preferred content type on social media as statistics show that 55% of people watch videos online every day, & social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares than static content. WoFox makes it easier to use all the unique features and leverage social media to share your video content. It helps to make your podcast and music albums easily noticeable and helps to gain more followers and attract them towards your music and podcast directories.

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Display ads

According to the statistics by acquisio Google’s Display Ad Network reaches 90% of global internet users. So, Display advertising is the best way to attract the audience of a website, social media platform or other digital media to take action. If your goal is brand building or generating leads for sales, Display ads are the best. Your branded display ads can be text-based, image or video advertisements, which helps to increase CTR via google Adwords. Make use of static and motion display advertising to create your branded display ads for various websites for your ad campaigns.

Social Media Ads

According to the statistics given by Cyberclicks Over 500 million Tweets are published per day, and on Facebook, over 300 thousand photos are uploaded and there are around 4 million shares per minute.

With the huge staggering statistics, it is really important to know how you will attract your target audience towards your brand or satisfy the marketing needs of your clients. WoFox provides you with various tools to create static and motion ads to stand out unique in a sea full of advertisers trying to market their brand.

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Graphic design for reaching the target audiences

Graphic Design helps to create engaging static designs to market your brand on various social media platforms and websites for display and social media ads. WoFox provides you with niche-specific social media and the display ad templates that you can customize according to your needs or begin from scratch with the canvas available in different sizes.

Tip: You can use various graphic designs for advertising your or your client's brand/product on social media, to make event announcements, for updating your profile picture, headers, cover pictures and much more.

Note: The design templates for display ads are available in different dimensions which include wide skyscraper ads, Medium rectangle ads, Large rectangle ads, Leaderboard ads and much more.

Graphic design for reaching the target audiences

Don't know where to start? Try one of our Graphic design templates.

Actively interacting with stories

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & YouTube story ads help to inform and persuade your target audience to buy the product or visit your website. It is important to stay active by posting stories, here is why According to the statistics given by 99 firms

  • Nearly 1.7 billion accounts use the stories format daily,
  • 1 in 4 millennials and Gen Z-ers look for stories of the products and services they want to buy
  • 15%-25% of people swipe up on a link in branded stories.

WoFox story maker provides you with niche-specific customizable story templates shareable on all the platforms to gain more customers for your brand. You can use the templates available with questionnaires, polls, countdowns & various other story features to engage the audiences and customers.

Actively interacting with stories

3D designs for Facebook

Create appealing 3D designs for your daily facebook ad copies in just a few clicks with the customizable 3D design templates

3D designs for Facebook

Make your visual content more appealing and engaging

Apart from various static design solutions WoFox also provides you with short-form looping video for your social media and display ads that enhance your advertising experience.

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With GIFs

GIF ads help to showcase the brand's personality and creativity. Animated images make communication more charismatic and engaging between a brand and the target audience which in turn increases the click-through rate.

Design GIF banners for your display ads in various dimensions suitable for all platforms that include Large rectangle GIF, Medium rectangle GIF, Leaderboard GIF, Wide skyscraper GIF with a variety of assets which include copyright-free images, animated objects, and various icons and clipart.

GIF maker helps to create engaging short-form looping videos to showcase the brand/product for your ads. Use the niche-specific customizable templates or begin from scratch to design GIFs for your social media ads that can be shared on all platforms.

With GIFs

Animated Design

Use the animated design maker for creating branded short-form videos for promoting, informing & persuading the viewers on social media to help you gain more social media engagement.

Animated Design

With Cinemagraph

Use the Cinemagraph maker to create mesmerizing and appealing moving photos for promoting the brand to target audiences about your brand or product on social media.

With Cinemagraph

Don't know where to start? Try one of our Cinemagraph templates.

We provide you with everything you may need


WoFox provides you with 1000+ easily customizable templates for creating your static and motion ad copies with GIFs, animated designs, Cinemagraphs, graphic design & much more for your social media posts, blogs, emails, websites all under one platform.

Drag & Drop editor

Easily customize the artwork according to your needs or start from scratch with the easy drag-and-drop interface.

800+ stylish typographies

WoFox provides you with 800+ stylish, 3D & other niche-specific fonts.

1M stock images & HD videos

We provide you with 1 million stock images on the website. We are also integrated with Pixabay to provide you with high-resolution copyright-free images & HD quality videos.

Cliparts, Icons & Stickers

WoFox provides you with 50,000+ graphics and icons beautifully designed by our professionals.


Templates available on the platform are highly optimizable for each platform & are available in various aspect ratios which include 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 & much more.

Other free tools

WoFox provides you with various other free tools which include audio editor, gif editor, UI mockups & much more to make your work easier & faster.

Work smarter, start planning today with WoFox management platform

If you are a marketer or an advertiser, it is necessary to focus on the core tasks that include producing the best content to attract more followers and gain a greater fan base rather than focusing on the management of the assets and other secondary tasks. Try the WoFox Team, Task & Asset to work more effectively and efficiently together.

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Direct your marketing and business team from one platform faster & easier

Create your own team with your Manager, Distributors, Graphic designers, Web developers, and other related team members. Use the WoFox team to assign roles, permissions to access content and bring them together under one workspace without missing out on anything.

Manage content workflow with WoFox Task

Overcome the hurdles, push through boundaries and get the stuff done with The WoFox task as it makes your work easier and simpler. All you need to do is ideate the content, designs, and theme according to your brand or your client's need. Then split the work into multiple tasks and complete the work with lesser chaos and efficiently. This helps to maintain a smooth workflow.

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Keep a track of your creative art files

Store, organize, locate, access and distribute your graphics, video bites and other approved artworks from a central cloud-based repository with different levels of access. You can now not only save your work in folders or track the files but also maintain brand consistency easily with WoFox Assets.

Advertising is the best way to reach your target audience online

Create engaging Static and Motion Ads for your brand in minutes with WoFox

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform