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Create Custom Twitch Graphics Online with 14 Templates

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Online Editable Top 25 Zombie Games Twitch Banner

Online Editable Top 25 Zombie Games Twitch Banner

Graphic Design | Twitch Banner

Online Editable Survive the Night Game Twitch Banner

Online Editable Survive the Night Game Twitch Banner

Graphic Design | Twitch Banner

Online Editable Zombie Endz on Every Sunday Twitch Banner

Online Editable Zombie Endz on Every Sunday Twitch Banner

Graphic Design | Twitch Banner

Online Editable Space Battle Gaming Twitch Banner

Online Editable Space Battle Gaming Twitch Banner

Graphic Design | Twitch Banner

Listing 1 - 4 (out of 14) Twitch design templates

Start with Twitch Templates

WoFox has a collection of Twitch graphic design templates which are pre-designed and time-saving static designs made specifically for all of Twitch's graphic design requirements. Choose any template and customize it with your content.

Make your own Twitch designs from scratch

You can also create your own custom graphic designs for Twitch from scratch with WoFox's drag and drop editor and access million free stock images, stickers, cliparts, 800+ Fancy and 3D fonts.

Couldn't find what you're looking for?

We regularly add fresh and relevant design templates for all gamming categories and niches popular on Twitch. If you have specific needs, you can send your request and we'll create them for you.

Learn more about WoFox Twitch maker

Choose template

Choose from 14 easy-to-edit Twitch cover photo templates created by WoFox's professional designers covering Twitch's guidelines and requirements.

and then

Perfectly optimized and highly customizable  

All required assets such as text with thumb-stopping typographies, sticker and other effects you would want are available within the templates, all of which you can customize with your content. Also, all of WoFox's Twitch banner templates are optimized with the size of 1200 x 480 px

and finally

Download to Share & Use

Done with your graphic design creation for Twitch? Download all your Twitch Graphics in High-resolution to make your profile compelling.

Tips & Strategies for Awesome Twitch

Tip 1: Use your gamming colors and elements on your graphics

If you’re part of a team or organization, the Twitch banner is a perfect way to include your team’s logo and to make use of your team colors. Create a memorable banner that your viewers can look at and know right away that they have landed on your page.

Tip 2: Have minimal text on your design

Having too much text will scare your viewers away from your channel. The point of text on your graphics is to provide some key information without taking away from the visuals on the banners. Include text that adds value and filter out the unnecessary information.

Tip 3: Stay consistent in all your Twitch designs

Whether you’re creating an offline banner or display picture. Make sure that your colors and graphics are consistent. Use the same fonts, the same colors and incorporate the same design styles. The best Twitch channels all have consistency in their graphics.

Size Requirements for Twitch

Twitch displays your profile banner image is 900 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall on personal computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. To ensure that none of your vital content is cut in any device, the optimal size for a Twitch cover image is 820 x 360 pixels.

Note: You can create your offline banner and logo in custom size as well.

Create compelling graphic designs for your Twitch profile with Graphic Design Maker for Twitch.

Your Twitch profile's graphic designs help your user to know more about the Games you sream on your channel.

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform

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