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Simple Online GIF Editing Tools

Standalone GIF editing tools for your specified needs!

Image to GIF

Easily transform a sequence of your images to GIF with the Photo to GIF maker.

Add Text to GIF

Easily add text captions or subtitles with text styling to your GIFs.

Split a GIF

Easily split a single large GIF file into multiple fragments.

Watermark GIF

Watermark and protect your GIFS with custom logo, text or copyright symbols.

Combine GIF

Easily stitch multiple GIF files into a single longer GIF.

Instagram Video to GIF

Increase or Decrease your video speed to create a dramatic or hilarious feel.

Video to GIF

Turn any MP4, WebM, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV or 3GP video to a GIF.

GIF Resizer

Resize your GIF to square, portrait or widescreen formats for social media.

Caption a GIF

Easily add text captions or subtitles with text styling to your GIFs.

Reverse GIF Maker

Make your GIF humorous by reversing it, or make it play to and fro.

Webcam to GIF

Quickly turn the clip from your webcam into a GIF file.

Facebook Video to GIF

Make a hilarious meme out of your videos with cool captions.

Add Music/Sound to GIF

Make a musical GIF or add audio to your GIF by converting into video format.

GIF Cropper

An easy way to mute / remove the audio from your video clip with just a click.

GIF Optimizer

Reduce the size of GIF files for faster page loads & increased storage space.

Create a Vibrating / Shaking GIF

Make your GIF dramatic by making it shake vigorously or vibrate.

Youtube to GIF

Quickly turn a clip from YouTube video into a GIF file.

Dailymotion Video to GIF

Make your videos cool and interesting by overlaying stickers.

Access a handy set of GIF editing tools.

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