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Create Animated Infographics with 0 Free and Premium templates

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    Start with our Gifographics templates

    Gifographics templates are ready to use motion infographic content designed by our professionals that allow you to turn any simple data into attractive ones with the help of animated graphs, flowcharts, maps and much more. All you need to do is tweak them with your own data and content.

    Make your own infographics GIF

    Create your own professional-looking animated infographics GIFs from scratch with the help of all the animated assets available in the WoFox asset library which include Graphics, 800+ 3D and fancy text and make it more communicating with relevant animated charts, maps, and reports.

    Couldn't find what you're looking for?

    We regularly add Gifographic templates in all the categories available. If you couldn't find the animated design for your niche or industry, send us a request and we will have them created for you.

    Learn more about Infographic GIF maker

    Choose your Infographic GIF template

    Choose from 0 easy-to-edit HD Gifographics templates that are premade with animated text, charts, maps, and flowcharts to create engaging and attractive data for your timeline with a few clicks that appear to be professional and inviting.

    and then

    Perfectly optimized and highly customizable  

    All the required assets including animated maps, charts, objects and much more are available in the WoFox Asset library to create your Animated infographic GIF. You can customize the template or begin from scratch with the help of WoFox's huge library for more creative ideas and create your own gifographic.The templates and artboards available are perfectly optimizable in the size of 800 x 2000 px for all social media platforms, blogs, and websites.

    and finally

    Download to share & use

    Once you have customized your motion infographic template you can download it in HD as both GIF and as a video with the animation effects and data matrix and share it on your blog or websites to exactly convey your brand's message.

    Tips & Strategies for better infographic GIF animation

    If you have an idea of creating an infographics GIF make sure to build it in an extraordinary way and WoFox makes it easier for you. These tips and strategies will help you in a better way.

    Tip 1: Repurpose your content

    Gifographics provide a great opportunity for you to repurpose your content. You can use your older posts that you think the audience would enjoy with some visualized content. You can choose any post that you think would be valuable and turn it into gifographics. This is one of the ways to gain more engagement on social media platforms and generate brand interest in the mind of the users with the help of older posts.

    Tip 2: Use animated graphics for more emphasis

    While creating a gifographic make sure that use animated objects and data widget to convey your information and facts as they help to convey the messages better, increase the level of interest in the viewers and increases the number of shares and revisits. You can use a variety of animated objects available in the asset library to overlay on your gifographics to convey the message.

    Got a Question?

    (Our experts will answer it)

    1. Where can I use animated Infographics?

    In place of Content Repurposing or creating Interactive Content you can make use of Gifographics to create more communicating and eye-catching visual data.

    2. Will animation uplift my regular infographic?

    Yes, animation can create a huge impact on your design as exhibiting your data in visual animation enhance user experience if it's incorporated at the right time as well as the right place.

    3. How can I make my gifographic relevant over the years?

    Make sure that the gifographics you create are relevant to the current time, the changes in statistics that take place should be uploaded often on the website and other platforms. This can be done by maintaining the gifographic in an editable format so that it can be used in the future.

    Size requirements for Gifographics

    You may wish to create eye-catching visual data with Gifographic to share it on the internet. But always make sure you keep your animated infographic design accurate and constant across all the platforms. As Gifographic is an advanced level of the infographic so it follows the same standard size of infographics such as 800 x 2000.

    When we talk about the type of animated infographic it is better to make use of the vertical animated graph gif (800 x 2000) because if it is on social media or blogs more users prefer to swipe up or scroll down to view more.

    • Add the title at the top of the infographic GIF design to give a clear idea to the readers.
    • The important content part should be placed at the center as it makes the users to easily go through the important contents as they scroll down
    • The icons and charts should be added besides the content to add more details to the content.

    Make Infographic GIF animation online with WoFox's Gifographic maker

    Create professional animated GIF for your next presentation & create an impact on the audience with the power of visual data.

    Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform