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How to download with a transparent background in WoFox | WoFox

How to download a design with a transparent PNG background in WoFox

Download design with a transparent PNG background

The transparent background tool is essential for the content creators because by using it you can download a design without a background and can use it directly anywhere without spending the time in updating the background now and then. You can also overlay a design without a background on any kind of visual content like GIF, Graphic design.

WoFox provides an option where you can download your design with a transparent background.

Step 1: Choose Background option

Select the Background option from the right-side panel.

Select the background category

Step 2: Select Transparent Background

Now select the Transparent Background option. The background becomes transparent.

Select the Transparent Background option

Step 3: Select Download

Now move the cursor upon the Download option.

Move the cursor upon the download option

Step 4: Choose PNG

Select the PNG format for your download.

PNG Format

Step 5: Select Download

  • Click on the Download option.

Click on the download option

Step 6: Add Image

  • You can also insert various images as per your wish for the background.
  • Click on the Image option.

Click on the image option

Step 7: Select Upload

  • The Media Library window appears, click on the Upload option.

Click on the upload option.

Step 8: Select Insert

  • Select the image and click on the Insert option.

Select the Insert option

Step 9: Replaced image

  • The uploaded image will be replaced in the background.

insert various images

Got ideas now? Start creating your visual content in WoFox.

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