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Create Numerical visual data for your Presentations and Conferences.

Infographics are the modern method of representing your data

Infographics are the best way to turn boring data into visually pleasing content for your brand, projects, and presentations. Various niches use Infographics for their product proposals, projects, presentations, resume and much more.

Infographic has now become a basic need for almost all the niche including:

Teaching and training

As an academician, teacher, and lecturer infographics are the best way to get your message across to the students. You can use infographics for explaining any new concept or spread any information in a very engaging manner. They offer an enhanced learning experience for students.

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Students in schools and colleges are exposed to many presentations and projects for assessments. Infographics play an important role here. Including infographics in your presentations can help you pass on the information very easily and also help you stand out from the rest. Make use of WoFox Slides to create beautiful and engaging slides.

Marketing and business

Infographics are the best tools that the business can use to start a viral marketing campaign. You can use the infographics for your upcoming product proposal presentation or explaining the recent business/industry trend for your business or for conference meets. It does not only help to deliver your information in an effective manner but also catch the eyes of the audiences.

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Using plain and simple resumes sometimes cannot catch the eyes of the HR manager. Using an Infographic resume is the best way to stand out from numerous candidates because an infographic resume presents information visually, you have the opportunity to draw thematic connections between your job experience and your infographic design.

WoFox Infographics & Charts for business

WoFox provides you with Infographic designing solutions for your presentations and conferences. Don't believe? Here's what you can do with WoFox to stand out after every presentation or conference and reach your target audience easily with your information.

Create your next informative infographic with WoFox Infographic templates in the dimension of 800x2000px for your next presentation with the various categories of infographics like timeline, Statistics, Process, and comparison or begin from scratch.

WoFox provides you with a variety of shapes, lines, icons, PNG clip arts, photomasks, and various other free tools which include charts, progress bars, pictographs, maps and a huge library of copyright-free images integrated with Pixabay.

Note: You can use the various charts, progress bars, pictographs and maps available in the assets for your informative Graphic Design in different sizes suitable for your social media platforms

Data visualization tools for various needs

Charts, maps & pictographs help to represent messages in a proper manner. WoFox provides you with tools to add your customized charts, progress bars, maps and much more in just a few clicks.

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For newspaper and media

Make your news for publishing in the newspaper interesting with the help of charts, pictographs, and pie charts. News publishers and editors use these charts and other visual representation elements for a lot of purposes. From using charts and maps to show the weather, as well as maps, site plans, and graphs for statistical data to various sporting events and much more.

Social media platforms

Many niches make use of charts, pictographs, and other numerical visual content to share on Instagram and Facebook. You can make use of these visual graphical elements to represent your blogs, company timeline or comparison of two things and much more. Use the WoFox Graphic design to create socially shareable graphics with engaging charts and other graphical elements for your brand/product in different sizes.

Social media platforms

Don't know where to start? Try one of our WoFox Graphic design templates.


Presentations become more interesting and engaging when you represent your data graphically with the help of charts, maps and progress bars. Use the WoFox Slides to create presentations that provide you with all the readymade templates with a large variety of assets including charts, maps, progress bars, overlays, fonts and a huge variety of copyright-free images.


Don't know where to start? Try one of our WoFox Slides templates.

Work smarter, start planning today with WoFox management platform

While creating an infographic and charts for your presentations and other needs, it is necessary to focus on the core tasks which include producing the best content and making it engaging and informative to gain more audiences, rather than focusing on the management of the assets and other secondary tasks. Try the WoFox Team, Task & Asset to work more effectively and efficiently together.

Direct your team from one platform faster & easier

Create your own team with your Graphic designers, Web developers, Managers, marketers and clients. Use the WoFox team to assign roles, permissions to access content and bring them together under one workspace without missing out on anything.

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Manage content workflow with WoFox Task

Overcome the hurdles, push through boundaries and get the stuff done with The WoFox task as it makes your work easier and simpler. All you need to do is ideate the content, designs, and theme. Then split the work into multiple tasks and complete the work with lesser chaos and efficiently. This helps to maintain a smooth workflow.

Keep a track of your design files

Store, organize, locate, access and distribute your infographics and other approved artworks from a central cloud-based repository with different levels of access. You can now not only save your work in folders or track the files but also maintain brand consistency easily with WoFox Assets.

More Reasons to use WoFox


WoFox provides you with 1000+ easily customizable templates infographics, niche-specific templates to add your charts and other graphics & much more for your social media posts, blogs, emails, websites all under one platform.

Drag & Drop editor

Easily customize the artwork according to your needs or start from scratch with the easy drag-and-drop interface.

800+ stylish typographies

WoFox provides you with 800+ stylish, 3D & other niche-specific fonts.

1M stock images

We provide you with 1 million stock images on the website. We are also integrated with Pixabay to provide you with high-resolution copyright-free images.

Cliparts, Icons & Stickers

WoFox provides you with 50,000+ graphics and icons beautifully designed by our professionals


Templates available on the platform are highly optimizable for each platform & are available in various aspect ratios which include 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 & much more.

Other free tools

WoFox provides you with various other free tools which include audio editor, GIF editor, UI mockups & much more to make your work easier & faster.

Charts, progress bars and much more

WoFox provides you with Charts, progress bars, pictographs, and much more to make your data representation engaging and attractive.

Create interesting infographics and charts for your presentation easily with WoFox

Infographics are the best way to exhibit any kind of visual data for all niche.

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform