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WoFox for Instagram : Create a Variety of Content Types for IG Marketing

Instagram helps to boost your engagement and grow your following

Instagram is a visual sharing platform with 1 billion active users every month and the only intention of all users is to share their brand images and videos to gain brand identity and followers on social media platforms.

WoFox provides you with designing solutions for all your brand's Instagram static and motion content creation, branding, and advertising. Don't believe? Here's what you can do with WoFox to level up your Instagram content creation and marketing to reach more target audiences.

Build a strong brand with compelling Instagram posts & stories

Graphic designs to inform, engage and persuade

People mostly use Instagram for sharing visual content. Using engaging graphic designs for your brand is the best way to inform, engage and persuade your audiences about the brand/product.

With WoFox Graphic design, you can create appealing posters to market your brand which includes Announcements, festival wishes, season sales, product launch and much more in just a few clicks. The WoFox graphic design templates can be optimized in the dimensions of 16:9 and 1:1 making it easily sharable on Instagram for posts.

Remember: The ideal size for posting images on Instagram feed is 1:1. You can also post landscape images, but you will have black or white borders when you post them on Instagram.

Graphic designs to inform, engage and persuade

Don't know where to start? Try one of our Graphic designs templates.

Give your image a wider view with Panorama editor

If you are an aspiring photographer or an entrepreneur wanting to post attractive landscape images of your brand. Use the panorama editor specially designed for Instagram. This automatically cuts your images into equal halves for posting them on Instagram to make your feed look appealing.

Start editing your Panorama shots

Give your image a wider view with Panorama editor

Short looping videos for Branding

You can leverage the Instagram post to share your short-form looping videos for branding purposes.

Create short-form videos with Animated design maker

Animated designs help to create short-form videos to grab the attention of the target audiences. Use the Animated Design maker to share a brand message effectively. Create your branded animated designs in different dimensions & aspect ratios shareable on all the social media platforms

Create short-form videos with Animated design maker

Expand your brand reach with Cinemagraph

Design captivating moving photos with the help of the WoFox Cinemagraph maker. This tool provides you with that options to freeze-frame, zooming and erasing, making it easier to design a Cinemagraph as per the niche.

Expand your brand reach with Cinemagraph

Don't know where to start? Try one of our Cinemagraph templates.

Increase your fanbase with videos

If you are a musician or a podcaster and don't know how to market your music/podcasts on Instagram. You can make use of the WoFox MP3 to MP4 and WoFox Podcast to Video to convert your audios/podcast into audio visualized videos and podcast episode videos that can be shared on all social media platforms as sneak peek video to market them on Instagram.

Tip: You can use the IGTV to post your full version of music and podcast album which you converted with the help of WoFox.

Increase your fanbase with videos

Attract your target audiences with attractive & meaningful Grids and puzzles

Nowadays entrepreneurs are working with the goal to attract more audiences towards their brand via Instagram. Many fashion brands, photographers and other niche use Instagram grid and photo grids to create appealing posts exhibiting their brand.

Design beautiful grids with WoFox grid maker 3, 6, 9 and 12 square templates available or design from scratch for your Instagram. Use the variety of photomasks, images, PNG cutouts, and icons to create your brand's appealing grids.

Attract your target audiences with attractive & meaningful Grids and puzzles

Stand out with Instagram stories

Instagram stories have become one of the best ways to make sure the followers are updated about your brand. With more than 400 million accounts and brands using Instagram story make sure you don't miss out on any.

Use the WoFox story maker to create static and motion brand stories. Use the Instagram story features of Questionnaires, polls, countdowns, ratings, Q & A, lists and much more to interact and increase your brand visibility on social media platforms including Instagram.

Stand out with Instagram stories

Create content without Worrying about the right size and safe area

WoFox provides you with other features that will help you to customize your existing templates and also create visuals from scratch. Creating static and motion designs with these features will definitely be the best decision.

Content Type Size
Feed post1:1 and 16:9
Stories9:16 (portrait)
IGTV1:1, 16:9, and 9:16

Content types such as feed posts and stories require more attention with respect to the safe area, but WoFox has got that covered for you. Check the safe area while you design so that no vital information is cut off when displayed across all devices. WoFox's templates for YouTube adhere to the safe area.

Note: The recommended resolution for Instagram stories and ads is 1080x1920 (9:16). There are two important things that you should keep in mind. The brand user name and the swipe up feature at the bottom. Make sure these two are visible clearly when you create an Instagram story ad.

Note: Apart from these mentioned above, you can also create other types of graphics for your Instagram page in custom sizes.

Avail all the assets you'd need to reduce your work complexity

WoFox provides you with other features that will help you to customize your existing templates and also create visuals from scratch. Creating static and motion designs with these features will definitely be the best decision.

1 Million Stock Images

WoFox provides you with an image library and is also integrated with Pixabay that provides you with copyright-free images. We ensure that there is no shortage of images for your content creation. You can also add many effects, overlays, filters, and more to them as you need.

Graphics and Icons

Create your designs with 50,000+ high-quality graphics and icons. These graphics and icons are highly customizable. Use these graphics and icons to add value to your creation.

800+ Never Before Seen Typographies

Get access to 800+ 3D text, fancy fonts, swash and more are available in WoFox. Using attractive and fancy fonts is an advantage to your visual designs.

Other Editing and Control Options

WoFox makes content creation easier by providing features like autosave, make a copy, arrange, bulk resize, undo/redo and much more to make your work easy. Just drag and drop your elements, edit and control it with all available features and get an optimized content for your YouTube channel.

Use WoFox content management feature to store and manage the visuals for your Instagram

As an entrepreneur or any marketer, it is important to concentrate on marketing your brand and focusing on prospective customers. WoFox also provides you with the task organization, team collaboration, and management options that make it easier to deliver the best content to build a strong brand.

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Work in Team

You can now split your designing and content creation work. Create your own team with WoFoxTeam and the role management feature & collaborate with your team and assign your team with various tasks. You can add teammates, set clearly defined roles like team administrator, contributor, and user to ensure proper management of tasks for your clients and influencers.

Note: All the assets you use and the designs you create can be managed by you and your team. They are very safe in your asset library.

Track the tasks and projects

Manage your content creation process with the WoFox task management feature. You can create your own task, task list, workflows, set due dates for each task, assign them to others, preset checklist and more options are available to keep track of your works.

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Manage the Digital Assets

Here you can organize, locate, access the task and also can store all your images, videos, brand assets and more. This will be an all in one place where you get everything you need for your visuals in minutes.

These features will very helpful to ease your work and no need to depend on other software or platforms for getting the required assets and features.

Start creating engaging and persuading visuals for your Instagram page with WoFox

Engaging post, stories always grab the users' eyes and keep them engaged with your content.

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform