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Create static & motion visual content for your Music & Podcast albums.

Audio is the new social media strategy

Content creators who have audio as the core content type can make effective use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. Use the WoFox platform which provides a variety of digital content creation tools. Check how you can effectively use social platforms for radio podcasts on social media.

Repurpose your content

Video is the second most preferred content type on social media as statistics show that 55% of people watch videos online every day, & social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares than static content. WoFox makes it easier to use all the unique features and leverage social media to share your video content. It helps to make your podcast and music albums easily noticeable and helps to gain more followers and attract them towards your music and podcast directories.

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For Podcasters

Podcasts on social media platforms help to gain a wider reach. Use the WoFox Podcast to Video to turn your podcast audio clips to engaging shareable audiograms with captions. Choose from a variety of animated audiograms and progress bars in no time. All you need to do is select from a variety of customizable templates or create from the scratch for your social media, websites, blogs and much more.

For Radio Jockey

Promoting your radio show on social media is one of the best ways to gain more listeners for your show. WoFox allows you to easily convert your audio content into shareable highlights for social media with WoFox MP3 to MP4. You can also use the Podcast to Video to add audiograms and animated progress bars to your radio shows. It is very helpful to share your tiny clips from the show which includes live reads, promo cuts, listeners calls and much more.

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For Musicians, Audio Producers and other creators

Easily upload your music album and convert a clip of your newly launched music or other music artwork into animated videos with a variety of waveform animations that synchronize with the beats of your music with the help of MP3 to MP4. All you need to do is choose from a variety of customizable templates or begin from scratch for your social media, website, blogs, and much more.

Social Media

Graphic Design helps to create posters for your social media to inform, engage & persuade the audiences and followers. Create posts for announcing about your upcoming show, tour dates for your next music album or podcasts. Create engaging and persuading content which includes asking people for reviews in the comment section or by using the facebook feature of the poll and much more.

Don't know where to start? Try one of our Graphic design templates.

With video templates you can create video promos or sneak peeks with small snippets of your music or podcast clips for your next music album/podcast video.

GIF maker helps to create looping videos with a sequence of images to display something beautiful about your brand. Apart from that, you can make your social media profiles look more attractive and appealing with these branded GIFs.

GIF maker helps to create looping videos with a sequence of images to display something beautiful about your brand. Apart from that, you can make your social media profiles look more attractive and appealing with these branded GIFs.

Use the Cinemagraph maker to create mesmerizing and appealing moving photos for promoting your next concert or music album, next guest speaker and your co-host on social media, website, and blogs.

Don't know where to start? Try one of our Cinemagraph maker templates.

Stories on social media help to enhance the content, increase visibility and are one of the marketing strategies. Did you know Instagram has 200 Million daily users and 813 million monthly users who watch videos and stories on Instagram? Create stories with WoFox story maker which provides you with customizable questionnaires, polls, Lists & countdown templates to know about the followers for your Instagram, Facebook and youtube stories.

3D photo editor helps in creating amazing 3D content for your social media and websites to attract more followers.


Not all podcasters have a logo but having one helps in brand identity. It helps you to project a professional image. Creating a logo is no easy task because it involves a lot of design. Use the WoFox logo maker, to create a professional and an identifiable logo in just a few clicks with its easy drag and drop feature. Learn the importance of Logo for your band

Use the WoFox intro and outro maker to create consistent short intro videos that help to exhibit and recognize your music band. Create end card or outro videos for your YouTube podcast or music albums which also comes with adding CTA, links to your social media, websites & much more.

Graphic design helps to create covers and headers that are optimizable in different sizes for your Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. It is one of the important things because the first thing your fans and followers will see when they visit your page is the cover and header images. The covers and headers are usually the posters for your upcoming music album, concert, podcast show, and much more.

Note: Templates also come with safe area guides so that none of the content on the cover page is missed out.

Thumbnails artworks

Thumbnails on social media act as mini-marketing posters for your content on YouTube. It is always preferable to upload customized posters for your thumbnails. Thumbnails are important for search, related video traffic and for optimizing your channel page. Design thumbnail artworks with WoFox Graphic Design design customizable and optimizable templates useful for your music and podcast album for YouTube.

Tip: You can either choose a thumbnail from the video or upload one. It is preferable to design and upload the thumbnail as the images don't get pixelated and are in high resolution.

Note: Templates also come with safe area guides so that none of the content on the cover page is missed out.

Work smarter, start planning today with WoFox management platform

Being a musician or a podcaster it is necessary to focus on the core tasks which include producing the best content to attract more followers and gain a greater fan base. Rather than focusing on the management of the assets and other secondary tasks. Try the WoFox Team, Task & Asset to work more effectively and efficiently together.

Direct your Music/Podcast team from one platform faster & easier

Create your own music team with your Musicians or band, Manager, Distributors, Publicity managers, Radio Promotors, Graphic designers, Web developers, and the Merch fulfillment team. Use the WoFox team to assign roles, permissions to access content and bring them together under one workspace without missing out on anything.

Incase of podcaster, create your team with outreach managers, show hosts, voice over specialists, audio engineers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, and the guest relationship manager.

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Manage content workflow with WoFox Task

Overcome the hurdles, push through boundaries and get the stuff done with The WoFox task as it makes your work easier and simpler. All you need to do is ideate the content, designs and theme. Then split the work into multiple tasks and complete the work with lesser chaos and efficiently. This helps to maintain a smooth workflow.

Keep a track of your music/podcast files

Store, organize, locate, access and distribute your music/podcast RAW snippets, bites and other approved artworks from a central cloud-based repository with different levels of access. You can now not only save your work in folders or track the files but also maintain brand consistency easily with WoFox Assets.

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Reasons to use our free tool


WoFox provides you with 1000+ easily customizable templates for your podcasts/music albums, animated waveform, static designs, GIFs, logo, animated designs, Cinemagraphs, video templates, & much more for your social media posts, blogs, emails, websites all under one platform.

Drag & Drop editor

Easily customize the artwork according to your needs or start from scratch with the easy drag-and-drop interface.

800+ stylish typographies

WoFox provides you with 800+ stylish, 3D & other niche-specific fonts.

1M stock images & HD videos

We provide you with 1 million stock images on the website. We are also integrated with Pixabay to provide you with high-resolution copyright-free images & HD quality videos.

Cliparts, Icons & Stickers

WoFox provides you with 50,000+ graphics and icons beautifully designed by our professionals.


Templates available on the platform are highly optimizable for each platform & are available in various aspect ratios which include 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 & much more.

Waveform & progress bars

We provide you with a variety of animated waveforms & progress bars in different shapes which include squares and circles for your music/podcasts albums.

Other free tools

WoFox provides you with various other free tools which include audio editor, gif editor, UI mockups & much more to make your work easier & faster.

Build your brand and promote audio recording on social media

Create engaging static and motion designs for your brand in minutes with WoFox.

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform