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Music/Lyrics/Promo Video Maker

Learn how to create music visualization videos from your own music

1. Choose

Choose the music visualizer template that matches your genre of music.

2. Edit

Customize by uploading your music audio, choosing visualizer graphics and adding other elements.

3. Download

Download your newly created music visualizer video and share on social media.

Don't know where to start? Try one of our music to video templates.

Uploading songs, music or audio tracks which is only in an audio format on social media is hard because most social media platforms don't natively support .m4a, .mp3, and .wav formats.

If you are a musician, VJ, DJ, music producer, music maker, artist or any other music creator, you can easily repurpose your .mp3, m4a and .wav audio tracks, songs and albums into engaging music visualization videos to share, promote, popularize and gain new audience for your works on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms that don't support audio-only content.

Create captivating music waveform animation that gets beautifully synchronized to your music / songs / tracks to give your listeners something interesting to look at when enjoying your music on social media platforms.

You can also turn your songs into a Lyric video on WoFox. Also, you can repurpose other audio content such as podcasts, radio shows, and interviews on WoFox and share it on social media.

Instantly create a music visualizer video from your music / songs / albums with perfect aspect ratios for every social platform

Video type Aspect ratioSocial platform
Landscape/Horizontal videos16:9Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Website
Square videos1:1Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Vertical/Portrait videos9:16IGTV, Snapchat
Letterbox (Meme style videos)
Captioned videos

Customize visualizer, effects & music cover design with ready to use/remix music video templates

Do you want to create a cool music video with visualizer with your MP3?

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform