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Optimize Your JPEG, PNG, GIF & MP4 Files Online for Free

Learn how to reduce the size of your media files


Upload the photo, GIF or video you want to compress.


The file gets optimized. Adjust the file quality if you wish.


Hit the download button to save your newly optimized file.

Easy isn’t it? Do you want to optimize your photo, GIF or video?





Optimize your file with a click

Optimizing larger files will result in faster loading of pages, larger storage space and easy sharing of media.

WoFox’s online Optimizer uses lossless compression algorithms to drastically reduce JPEG, PNG, GIF, and MP4 media files to a minimum possible size with almost no difference before and after compression.

An easy way to optimize your media files

Batch Optimization

Optimize multiple files in a single batch and download them all as Zip file.

Multiple Format Support

Optimize JPEG, PNG, GIF and MP4 formats. More formats to be supported soon.

No Software Installation

Don’t need to install additional software on your computer.

Uploaded Files are Deleted

All the uploaded files will be removed from our servers within 48 hours.

Control Compressed Size

After compression, you can either reduce or increase the optimized file size as you wish.

Zero Configuration

No configuration needed. Our optimizer will use the best parameters to make it smaller.

Quality is Preserved

Optimizer is designed to reduce file size without losing the visual quality of your file.

No Watermark Added

All the files compressed using the WoFox Optimizer will not be watermarked.

Do you want to reduce your media file size?

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform