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Create Your Own Outro Online with 51 Free & Premium Templates

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Online Editable Twist and Turn Logo Reveal Outro

Online Editable Twist and Turn Logo Reveal Outro

Outro Maker | Landscape - 16:9

Listing 51 - 51 (out of 51) Outro Maker templates

Learn more about WoFox Outro/End Card maker

Choose an outro template

Choose from 51 easy-to-edit HD outro/end screen video templates with CTAs, Social profiles & video thumbnail links, created with compelling animation & music effects for all Youtube niches, vlogs, social media, websites and more.

and then

Perfectly optimized and highly customizable  

All required assets are available in each template, you just need to customize with your own logos, tagline, video thumbnail images, profile images, social profiles, CTA copies, and music. You can also browse WoFox's huge library of video creation assets to use in your video.Find outro templates in all size dimensions & sizes (Square, vertical, portrait, landscape & horizontal). You can create stunning outro videos in 19:6, 1:1, 9:16 aspect ratios, so they can look better on desktops, mobiles, TV, iPad, and other devices.

and finally

Download to Share & Use

Completed your video outro creation on WoFox? Render your outro online and download in HD without WoFox watermark, and add your newly created outro to your video. Here is how you can add an outro to a video on WoFox.

Tips and strategies for awesome outro video creation

An outro has now become one of the important essentialities in YouTube and Video marketing. Videos that ends with custom made outros with animation effects and links to more content add to the branding and credibility of the videos.

Tip 1: Give varied CTA to make conversions

Summerise the key takeaway of your video through an apt outro at the end of your videos and provide a CTA element to either links them to more of your content, site or even to make a purchase. You can also add your social profiles with the respective icons, to let your viewers know more about your works. And also add video thumbnail or snippets of your other videos for which you can give a clickable link.

Thanking your audience for watching is also a great way to show how happy you are to have your viewers support you. But, you need to make sure that your CTA and other user response options you display at the end of your video should be relevant to your video. Learn what Niel Patel has to say about writing Convertable CTA copies.

WoFox's outro video templates comprise CTAs, social profiles, websites, product purchases, and other end card elements.

Tip 2: Text animations for end credits/title sequence

If you want to add credits at the end of your videos, make it interesting to watch with good text animations. You can either show in a traditional movie credit roll, a Kinetic text or even through a quick slideshow, either way, you can find a lot of credits & title sequence outro templates on WoFox to use for your short-films, ads, promos, and more.

Tip 3: Use the right music for your video outros

Using the right music for your outro videos can in a way persuade your audience to respond to CTAs. But, choosing the right music is the key.

Luckily, WoFox has got it covered that for you. WoFox’s outro templates have the perfect BG music most of which are original compositions (composed by our in-house musicians), thus giving your videos a unique appeal. If you want to learn more about how to effectively add the right music to your outro videos, learn from MiksMusic.

Got a Question?

(Our experts will answer it)

1. Can I add clickable overlays to my CTA and video snippets in Youtube outro?

Yes, you can. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide from Internet Marketing Ninja on how to do it.

2. How can I add a Custom Subscribe button when my outro plays on Youtube?

You can add a branding watermark to your outro to prompt your viewers to subscribe which when clicked lets your viewers to directly subscribe to your channel without the need to click the subscribe button below the video. Here is how Google instructs to it.

3. How many elements can I add in a single End screen for Youtube?

Google allows up to four elements to be featured in your end screen. You can add next videos/playlist, encourage for a subscription, promote collaborator channels, etc.  If you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program you can even add approved websites. Learn more about what else you can add on your YouTube end screens from Google.

Size requirements for outro videos

WoFox Outro maker helps you create outro videos and YouTube end cards in landscape, square and portrait formats for your social posts and stories, video ads, and many of your other videos. Check out the optimal size recommended for all social and web content.

Video typeSize & Aspect RatioPlatform
Landscape19200 x 1080 px (16:9)YouTube, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Website, Blogs, Twitch & Ads
Square1080 x 1080 px (1:1)Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Twitter posts & ads
Vertical1080 x 1920 px (9:16)Instagram & Facebook stories, IGTV & Vertical ads
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Thanks to WoFox, I can now do better Youtube marketing than before, especially with cool intros, outros and Stories.

Kara Li

Make effective 3D & animated outro videos online with WoFox's outro maker

Are you a YouTuber? Promote your website/products/merchandise through convincing outro videos with effective CTA.

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