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Podcast/Audio/Radio Show Video Maker

Learn how to create videos from your podcasts online

1. Choose

Choose the Podcast video template meets your industry/niche.

2. Edit

Customize by uploading your podcast audio, choosing waveform graphics and adding other elements.

3. Download

Download your newly created podcast video with waveform animation and share on social media.

Listening to podcasts, radio shows and other kinds of audio on social media is hard because you can’t upload .m4a, .mp3 or .wav files to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.Podcast to video tool helps podcasters, radio professionals, audio makers, producers, and other creators to repurpose their audio content into socially shareable waveform videos.

By this way, podcasters and radio artists can promote their audio shows across all social platforms to spread and increase new audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. No need to install anything, just create a video anytime via a browser.

You can repurpose other audio content on WoFox. Check how you can use turn your music into a music visualizer or a lyric video for social media.

Instantly create a waveform video from your audio shows with perfect aspect ratios for every social platform

Video type Aspect ratioSocial platform
Landscape/Horizontal videos16:9Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Website
Square videos1:1Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Vertical/Portrait videos9:16IGTV, Snapchat
Letterbox (Meme style videos)
Captioned videos

Pro tip for podcasters: Create an attractive artwork design for your podcasts to make it stand out in your regular podcast directories.

Do you want to create a video out of your audio podcasts & radio shows?

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