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Create Podcast Visualizer Online with 52 Free and Premium Templates

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Online Editable Pink Minimalist Waveform Podcast Audiogram

Online Editable Pink Minimalist Waveform Podcast Audiogram

Podcast to Video | Landscape 16:9

Listing 51 - 51 (out of 52) Podcast to Video templates

Start with Podcast Video Maker templates

Podcast Video templates are ready to use editable audiogram templates that allow you to create an animated waveform video from your podcast audio recordings in no time.

Make your own podcast audio visualizer

Create a custom branded podcast video from scratch with WoFox's library of Progress animations, Graphics, 800+ 3D and fancy text and more. Enhance your otherwise simple audio recording with WoFox's waveform video generator.

Couldn't find what you're looking for?

We are constant in updating new and niche-based podcast video templates for all categories. If you have a podcast video template requirement you can send your request and we'll focus to provide you with the best.

Learn more about audiogram video maker for podcast

Choose a template

Choose from 52 customizable HD podcast templates created by our expert video creators covering all the podcast categories and niches.

and then

Perfectly optimized & highly customizable  

To turn a podcast into a video you have all the required assets within the template, you just need to customize it with your own content, tagline, and more. You can also make use of different waveform graphics like a circle, square and different types of Progress animation and many more to enhance the podcast video. Get Video Podcast templates in all dimensions & sizes (Square, vertical, portrait, landscape & horizontal).

and finally

Download to share & use

Once you have customized the podcast video template download it in HD with the waveform effects and share it on any social media to promote your iTunes, Spotify and other podcasts directories to get new set of audience.

Tips and strategies for amazing podcast video creation

Sharing interesting segments or podcast highlights as snackable content on social platforms has now become one of the important practices of podcast creators. Reach a wider audience and bring more traffic to your podcasts with the following tips.

Tip 1: Display the best quote/point from your podcast episode

Your Podcast may have many interesting segments, but if there is a noteworthy discussion point or an important quote from your guest, you can strategically place it on your waveform video thus making it more visible and help your viewers find your content as they browse through their feeds.

Make the best use of WoFox's text resources to highlight the best point from your podcast. Also, find waveform templates with text highlights where you can easily replace them with the best quotes from your guest or the theme of your podcast episode.

Tip 2: Use your image for a more personal connect

Do you want to build a personal connection with your social audience? This is an advantage you have in social media compared to podcast directories such as iTunes, Spotify, etc. By adding a visible headshot or a profile image of yourself and/or your guest as a background, you can create a feeling on your viewers that they are actually watching you talk directly to them. This works out well since the visual audio wave animates in synchronous to your/guest voice.

Tip 3: Leverage Waveform & Progress Graphics

Waveform animations are an easy way to grab the attention of your social page audience due to its design it can easily catch people's eyes while then scroll through their social feeds. In fact, posts with audiograms outperformed those with photos and links by up to 83% on Facebook. The Progress animations within your audiogram indicate how long the video has progressed and how much time is left for your video to the end, thus encourages them to finish viewing the full video.

Got a Question?

(Our experts will answer it)

1. Give me ideas on how to present my podcast on social media with audiogram?

You can present your podcasts on social media by creating a sneak peek, teaser, guest announcement, excerpts, and ==more== more from your podcast recordings with waveform animation, and include show notes in these clips. Here is what PR Mention says about the techniques you can use to present your podcasts on social media.

2. As a podcaster how can I boost engagement for my page on Insta?

You can boost the Instagram reach for your podcast highlight videos by posting each of them with your own unique hashtags to ==more== make them more discoverable on Instagram. Also, personalize your Instagram account with your iTunes or Spotify page link on Bio and save some of your best podcast stories to highlights, so that your page viewers will be constantly connected to your podcasts.

3. How can I popularize my podcasts featuring guests on FB?

Social Report states that you can have your guest promote your podcast video promo, sneak peek or announcement in his/her facebook ==more== page. This way you can gain a new audience in your guest's FB followers, who may check out your podcast. You can also do the same on Instagram and Twitter as well. Check what other ways Social Report suggests to promote your podcast content on social media.

Size requirements for Podcast Audiogram

Create snackable video content from your podcast recordings with an attractive animated waveform to share it on the internet to gain more audience and popularity by getting the social sizes right for your podcast content type. You can rest assured knowing that WoFox has got it covered with the right size dimensions for promoting your podcasts on social media with the right size.

Video TypeSize & Aspect RatioPlatform
Landscape1920 x 1080 (16:9)Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Website, Blogs, Twitch 
Square1080 x 1080 px (1:1)Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Twitter posts 
Portrait1080 x 1920 px (9:16)Instagram & Facebook stories, IGTV 
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Thanks to the WoFox podcast video maker, I was able to convert my podcast audio into an engaging video format in a very short time span.

- Jeff Francis

Make animated waveform from your podcast with WoFox’s Audiogram Generator

Audiogram helps to promote your podcasts, audio course, radio show and other recordings on social media.

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