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WoFox Press Kit

Do you want to review or write about us? This page will serve as an updated resource for use in your digital publication.

We're open to all requests and interviews, so if you'd like to write about WoFox please don't hesitate to get in contact with us!

About WoFox

The WoFox platform is an all-in-one content creation toolkit created for content creators, marketers, in-house social campaigners, and every other person who depends on several tools for creating digital content for social media, ads, web & print.

WoFox is designed to meet the needs and expectations of individuals and teams, beginners and experts alike so that they can create any content better and faster.

Why content creators need WoFox?

We started developing simple tools under one platform so that creating different kinds of digital content for different needs will no longer be a daunting task for anyone, thus helping them save hours of time and valuable money as the design platform comes with task management, team collaboration and asset management.

Our Mission

Build an all-in-one content creation and management platform- An essential part of any digital content creator's toolkit.

Short Description

Create all types of visual content (3D, design, photo, GIF, and video), all in one place, with WoFox's simple drag and drop content creator.

Made for individuals and teams

WoFox Platform helps you to create all types of visual content (3D, Design, Photo, GIF, and Video), all in one place.

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WoFox Brand Colors:

  • Hex : #F05A28

    RGB : 240/90/40

    CMYK :0/80/95/0

  • Hex : #FFFFFF

    RGB : 255/255/255

    CMYK :0/0/0/0

  • Hex : #F6921E

    RGB : 246/146/30

    CMYK :0/51/99/0

Downloadable Press Kit

All of WoFox’s product images, press releases, and other information and media can be downloaded from this link.

Naming Conventions:

* Always use capital W and F without space in-between, whenever referring to the product or the company - WoFox


"I design all my graphics using the WoFox editor."
"Collaborating on the designs with my colleges had become much easier and less time consuming using WoFox."

* Never spell/write the name in the following ways:

  • Wofox
  • WO FOX
  • wofox
  • Wo Fox
  • woFox
  • WofoX
  • Wo FOX
  • WoFOX

* Avoid referring the website with the www, if possible.

WoFox Screenshots:


Contact Us:

If you have any queries, feel free to Contact us. We are always happy to help.