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Create Sermon Snippets Online with 1 Free & Premium Templates

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Online Editable Justice is a Good Thing - Sermon Snippet Maker

Online Editable Justice is a Good Thing - Sermon Snippet Maker

Sermon Snippet Maker | Square 1:1

Listing 1 - 1 (out of 1) Sermon Snippet Maker templates

Start with Sunday snippet templates

Sunday Sermon Snippet templates are pre-designed time-saving video templates available with animated audio synchronized waveforms, progress bars, objects, graphics, and text. You only need to add your music and customize the waveform if needed.

Make your own Sunday snippet

You can also create your own custom Sunday snippet in square, vertical or horizontal formats from scratch by using WoFox's 1M assets including Attractive fonts, visualizers, progress bars, stickers, effects and more.

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for?

We add Sunday snippets in all sizes regularly. If you couldn't find the Sunday snippet design for a specified theme/topic, send us a request and we will have them created for you.

Learn more about WoFox Sunday Snippet Maker

Choose Template

Choose from the 1 easy-to-edit Sunday snippet maker templates with animated audio visualized waveforms, progress bars and other animated elements that are created by our professional video creators and cover almost all the themes for your social media.

Perfectly Optimizable and Highly Customizable  

All the required assets including animated waveforms & progress bars are available in each template. You can customize the template or begin from scratch or use the WoFox's huge library for creative ideas and create your designs in the aspect ratios of 1:1, 9:16, 4:5 or 16:9.

Download to Share & Use

Completed creating your Sunday snippet on WoFox? Render your video and download the video in HD quality without WoFox watermark in MP4 format for posting them on all the social media platforms to get more engagement.

Tips & Strategies for Interesting Sunday Sermon

Tip 1: Add Thumbnail to make your Sunday snippet video identifiable on social media

Adding thumbnails to your video helps the viewers to easily identify what the video is about. Add thumbnails at the starting of your Sunday sermon videos while uploading them on YouTube to get more listeners. Make use of WoFox YouTube channel art to create amazing artwork for your channel/videos. You can create your video thumbnail by adding cutouts of the speaker, engaging and persuading text and a variety of icons to design your appealing thumbnails which the user might want to listen to.

Tip 2: Create a short branded Intro video

Intro videos are used by many youTubers, podcasters, musicians, and other video content creators to create branded videos that the people will remember. Create your branded intro logo videos with WoFox Intro videos to add it to your Sunday sermon snippet videos for social media platforms to remind people and grab their attention towards this visual medium of spreading knowledge among the targeted audiences.

Tip 3: Make the initial part of the video to increase the viewers

It is difficult to grab the attention of the audience in a short span of time. People take only some time to make their decision. Your audio visualized Sunday Snippet must be designed in a way that it creates a curiosity among the people to listen more in just the first few seconds. Make your sermon snippets with interesting and trending topics to not lose more audiences.

Got a Question?

(Our experts will answer it)

1. How can I market my Sunday sermon videos on social media platforms?

You can use a short highlight of your Sunday sermon to create short interesting and engaging videos for your audiences. You can make use of the best part of the whole snippet to create your best Sermon video.

Size requirements for Sermon Snippet

You may wish to convert Sunday sermon video to a biteable, shareable and snackable snippets to share it on the internet to gain more audience and popularity but how do you turn a Sunday sermon into shareable video without knowing the exact type of video and aspect ratios that each social platform support?

So here are the exact aspect ratios that you require to make a podcast online and to keep it accurate across all the social platforms.

Video TypeSize & Aspect RatioPlatform
Landscape1920 x 1080 (16:9)Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Website, Blogs, Twitch 
Square1080 x 1080 px (1:1)Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Twitter posts 
Portrait1080 x 1920 px (9:16)Instagram & Facebook stories, IGTV 

Make extraordinary short Sunday Sermon Videos with WoFox’s Sermon Snippet Maker

Sunday Sermon Snippet Maker helps pastors and preachers to turn their MP3 messages into socially shareable waveform snippets.

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform

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