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WoFox for Snapchat : Create Impressive Snapchat Content form One Place

Make your brand's Snapchat Campaign extraordinary with amazing content designed from WoFox

Snapchat the messenger app that has taken the Generation Z around the world by storm has now become the medium all top businesses leverage to market their products and services. So, brands that conform to Snapchat's demographics make effective use of the messenger's features to increase their sales, SHIEN a global fashion brand witnessed a 20% increase in their ROI through Snapchat.

Even if you are a brand that doesn't target generation z audience, starting early with Snapchat can help you in the future, because today's Snapchat young users are tomorrow's buyers, and you can get their attention on Snapchat with WoFox.

Full-Screen Video Ads as Snapchat Stories

Empower your storytelling with Snap Ads, a short-form vertical video ad that you can create on WoFox for your brand.

With an attention-grabbing Full-Screen content and a strong CTA on top of an inviting action button, you can easily direct your viewers to install your app, bring traffic to your site or even make them watch your long-form video content.

Since Snapchat sponsored ad has the Auto-Fill feature, you can receive email ids from interested Snapchatters with just a tap, thus helping you with lead generation.

Find 9:16 short-form HD video with music ad templates for all popular Snacpchat niche and influencer categories on WoFox's Story Maker application. Customize them with your content and you have your very own story ad in minutes.

You can also create your own design from scratch with the Story Maker, as you have all the resources you would require to create one.

Full-Screen Video Ads as Snapchat Stories

Create Geofilters for your Business, community, and events

To drive more brand awareness and to ensure that your business reaches more Snapchatters, you can utilize the Snapchat's Geofilter feature. Based on the type and size of your business, you can leverage national or on-demand Geofilters, both of which you can design on WoFox. You can create Geofilter for your business.

Promoting your events

Are you organizing a meetup, networking event, or conference? Why not create a Geofilter for your attendees so that they can promote your event (and of course your brand) in realtime on Snapchat?

Promoting your events

Announce new product launches or service

Build an emotional connection with your audience towards your brand by having a Geofilter that announces your new line of products or service. By using this geofilter, people can inadvertently spread the word about your new launch even further.

Announce new product launches or service

Show your presence at tradeshows

Is your brand taking part in a tradeshow? Have a Geofilter showing your brand presence at the tradeshow, so that people who visit the tradeshow can use them and promote your brand on Snapchat.

Show your presence at tradeshows

Highlight your company culture

Make your employees your most trusted and loyal digital advocates with custom made geofilters that highlights your company's core values, behind the scenes, and many other great aspects of your company so that they may want to join in your company.

Highlight your company culture

Create content for Snapchat with handy features

WoFox provides many other features to customize the existing templates and also to create the visuals from scratch. Creating designs and videos with these features will definitely be the best decision.

Transparent Background

Creating a Snapchat Geofilter from scratch on WoFox is very easy and comfortable with the Transparent Background feature available on WoFox. When designing your geofilter on WoFox, choose the Transparent Background feature available with the background options.

PNG downloads

Download your Snapchat Geofilters with a transparent background in the PNG format requested by Snapchat.

Optimal Size

Design your Snapchat geofilter and video ads in the right size dimensions - 1920 X 1080 px, so that they can be perfectly displayed in full-screen in the mobile devices.

Safe Area

As you create your Geofilter ensure that your vital content doesn't get cut off or overlapped by other Snapchat elements, by using the Safe Area filter.

Graphics and Icons

Use 50,000+ high-quality graphics and icons for your designs. You can even customize its color and size. Add graphics and icons like a value to your creation.

800+ Never Before Seen Typographies

Get your hands on 800+ 3D text, fancy fonts, swash and more are available in WoFox. Making your text more attractive is an advantage to your visual designs.

Other Editing and Control Options

WoFox offers many time-saving features like autosave, make a copy, arrange, undo/redo and more that makes your work easy. Just drag and drop your elements, edit and control it with all available features and get an optimized content for your YouTube channel.

Effectively Manage All Your Creations (Even With Team) on WoFox

Create geofilters and video ads for Snapchat and manage your creations on WoFox with the content management features that available on WoFox.

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Work in Team

If you want to split your designing or video creation work, create your own team with WoFoxTeam and role management feature, add teammates, and manage them by setting clearly defined roles like team administrator, contributor, and user. You can even add Snapchat Influencers to your team and share your content and information with them during Influencer Takeovers.

Track The Progress of Each Content With Projects

Manage your content creation process with the WoFox task management feature. You can create your own task, task list, workflows, set due dates for each task, assign them to others, preset checklist and more options are available to keep track of your works.

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Manage All Your Digital Assets

Here you can organize, locate, access the task and also can store all your images, videos, brand assets and more. This will be an all in one place where you get everything you need for your visuals in minutes.

These features will very helpful to ease your work and no need to depend on other software or platforms for getting the required assets and features.

Level up your Snapchat Marketing with impressive content made with WoFox

Geofilters and Video Ads can help you bring more awareness to your brand.

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform