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WoFox for Tumblr : Create a Variety of Content Types for Tumblr Campaign

Tumblr is most popular for blogging and social networking with 64 million tumblelogs

Tumblr is a part of blogging and social networking service which lets the users create and post their own content. Tumblr hosts more than 64 million tumblelogs as it is a platform that supports all varieties of shares and posts like text, image, music, and video. And WoFox is a versatile platform where you can design any kind of post with your own contents in the form of images or videos that you wish to share on Tumblr.

Get More Audience With Compelling Tumblr Banners and Graphics

You can create attractive Banners and Graphics for Tumblr with WoFox.

Tumblr Banners lead people towards your content

Banners are used by all the Tumblr users as the Tumblr banners are able to attract more people and they gradually increase your audience. With WoFox's Tumblr Banner tool you can easily create attractive banners with all the easily accessible assets and the predesigned templates which are easy to customize.

Tumblr Banners lead people towards your content

Tumblr Graphic is a creative way to share content

Tumblr Graphic are the posts that are shared with own content which is a huge platform for the people to reach the targeted audience. You can easily create Tumblr Graphic in WoFox with all the easy to customize templates.

Tumblr Graphic is a creative way to share content

Make your Tumblr Banners and Graphics more impressive

With moving GIF Templates

GIFs are always creative and interesting that it can hold the attention of the users in no time and also through GIF you can easily convey the concept as you can make GIFs for all your needs. It is actually a tricky task to design a GIF but with WoFox's GIF Template even a person with no designing skill can create mesmerizing GIF designs.

With moving GIF Templates

With realistic Animation Design

The most modern way of designing is the animation design as it is innovative with all the moving objects. These designs can easily connect with the audience and can help you to increase your views and can popularise your own content. And WoFox's Animation Design lets you create eye-catching animations in no time.

With realistic Animation Design

Boost your contents with videos

People always prefer videos as it is more engaging than images or texts so when you post your contents then it is better to post it as a video for a quick response.

Share music as attractive Video

If you are a musician and you need more audience then the best way is to share your music as a video because more than plain music when music is merged with video clips the audience tends to view it and spend time in that. And WoFox Music to Video helps you to create stunning videos out of music by adding an animated visualizer that suits your design.

Share music as attractive Video

Don't know where to start? Try one of our Music to video templates.

Make podcast alluring with audiograms

If you are interested in podcasting and you are searching for a platform to promote your podcast or to advertise your latest episode then Tumblr is a perfect platform. With Wofox's Podcast to Video you can create astounding promo videos for your podcast by adding a small bit of your podcast audio infused with an animated visualizer.

Make podcast alluring with audiograms

Create content without Worrying about the safe area

Create all the above-mentioned content types on WoFox without bothering much about creating in the right size because all the editors and templates are optimized in formats that are required for each content type for Twitter.

Check out the following size guide for each content type.

Content Type Size
Tumblr Banner3000 x 1055 px
Tumblr Graphic540 x 810 px

Avail all the assets you'd need to reduce your work complexity

WoFox provides many other features to customize the existing templates and also to create the visuals from scratch. Creating designs and videos with these features will definitely be the best decision.

1 Million Stock Images

WoFox's image library and integration with Pixabay ensures that there is no shortage of stock imageries to use in your content creations. You can also add many effects, overlays, filters, and more to them as you need.

Graphics and Icons

Use 50,000+ high-quality graphics and icons for your designs. You can even customize its color and size. Add graphics and icons like a value to your creation.

800+ Never Before Seen Typographies

Get your hands on 800+ 3D text, fancy fonts, swash and more are available in WoFox. Making your text more attractive is an advantage to your visual designs.

Other Editing and Control Options

WoFox offers many time-saving features like autosave, make a copy, arrange, bulk resize, undo/redo and more that makes your work easy. Just drag and drop your elements, edit and control it with all available features and get an optimized content for your YouTube channel.

Effectively Manage All Your Creations (Even With Team) on WoFox

As a YouTuber or any other video creator, it is very important to concentrate on your visual content and the release time. So the task organization, team collaboration and management options available in WoFox is very essential to deliver the best content for your viewers.

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Work in Team

If you want to split your designing or video creation work, create your own team with WoFoxTeam and role management feature, add teammates, and manage them by setting clearly defined roles like team administrator, contributor, and user. Each roles has each specification and facility.

Track The Progress of Each Content With Projects

Manage your content creation process with the WoFox task management feature. You can create your own task, task list, workflows, set due dates for each task, assign them to others, preset checklist and more options are available to keep track of your works.

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Manage All Your Digital Assets

Here you can organize, locate, access the task and also can store all your images, videos, brand assets and more. This will be an all in one place where you get everything you need for your visuals in minutes.

These features will very helpful to ease your work and no need to depend on other software or platforms for getting the required assets and features.

Start creating impressive visuals for your Tumblr page with WoFox

Attractive videos and posts always grab the users' eyes and keep them engaged with your content.

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform