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Create Video Collage Online with 0 Free & Premium Templates

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    Choose from 0 easy-to-edit HD video collage editor templates categorized as fixed and editable created by professional movie collage makers covering all niches/categories for social media, websites, ads and more.

    and then

    Perfectly optimized & highly customizable  

    All required video collage assets are available in each template, you just need to customize with your own video and music or use WoFox's huge library of video collage creation. Get video collage templates in all dimensions & sizes (Square, vertical, portrait, landscape & horizontal).

    and finally

    Download to share & use

    Completed your video collage on WoFox? Render your video collage online and download in HD without WoFox watermark, and share it to the world to keep your audience engaged.

    Tips and strategies for attractive video collage

    Make the best video collages for ads and events like birthday, wedding and more and post it on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and more. Here are a few tips for you to make impressive video collages.

    Tip 1: Add text to the video collage

    It is not a rule that you should definitely add the text to the video collage but the videos with text and sub-titles are more convincing instead of the videos that are plain without any text.

    More than 80% of videos on social media platforms are watched in a mute mode so caption is becoming more of a necessity in videos that are produced for social media.

    Tip 2: Choose the video clips that relate to each other

    Before you start putting your video collage together, think about what pattern you use to connect all the video clips. Make sure that you give perfect storytelling according to the concept you use by relating each video clips. So, people get engaged easily.

    Tip 3: Use negative space in your video collage

    Negative space is the space surrounding, and in between, the objects of a video clip. In a video collage, it gives all your clips a little room to stand out and makes it easier to see what each video is about and how they relate to each other.

    Got a Question?

    (Our experts will answer it)

    1. What is the video length limit in WoFox video collage feature?

    The limit for video length in WoFox video collage editor is 10 seconds.

    2. Should I use only high-quality videos

    When you are creating a video collage online, videos are the key factors so make sure your videos are of high quality which will help you to create a classic collage out of videos. A poor video will risk you to lose your audience.

    3. On what basis should I choose a grid for my collage?

    The grid you choose should be based on how many video clips you are adding to create your video collage. However, WoFox provides multiple video grid collage templates with a different number of grids in each template. Choose a grid template as per the need.

    Size requirements for video collage

    When you want multiple video clips to be added into one frame then go with the WoFox's video collage online to create a stunning collage with multiple video clips. But it is necessary for you to know the exact aspect ratio and size to come up with an extraordinary video collage.

    Here are the size and aspect ratio that WoFox provides.

    Video TypeSize & Aspect RatioPlatform
    Landscape1920 x 1080 (16:9)Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Website, Blogs, Twitch & Ads
    Square1080 x 1080 px (1:1)Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Twitter posts & ads
    Portrait1080 x 1920 px (9:16)Instagram & Facebook stories, IGTV & Vertical ads

    Make video collage online with WoFox’s Video collage maker.

    Best video collages with HD video clips grabs audience attention on YouTube, Instagram, and other social platforms.

    Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform