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Add Intro and Outro to Video Online for Free

Learn how to add intro and outro to your video in 3 steps

1. Upload

Upload the main video for which you want to add intro and outro.

2. Add intro and outro

Directly add the intro and outro by uploading them in the editor.

3. Download

Download a single video with the intro, main video, and the outro.

See the difference an intro and outro makes to a video

Original video

Original video with an intro and outro

Intros and outros give an introduction and conclusion to your videos and they have now become an essential aspect of branding, especially on the social media platform. A good video with an apt intro and outro makes it look more professional. Add your intros and outros for your social media videos, webcasts, and presentations online. No installation needed.

What are video intro and outro?

An intro is the opening/beginning segment of a video (introductions or brand logo openers used for branding purposes), and an outro is the closing/ending segment of a video (usually call to actions).

What are the best intro and outro practices?

The best way is to create an intro and an outro as two separate videos, so you won't have to remake them for each new video you create. Just add your intro video at the beginning of each new video you have created and the outro video at the end and combine the three videos into a single video with 'Add Intro and Outro to Video' tool.

How to create your own custom intro and outro?

You can create your own custom intro and outro right in the WoFox platform. You can also get ideas from the step-by-step guides on intro and outro creations and the ready to use templates available on WoFox.

Templates Coming Soon

Start adding an intro and outro to your existing video.

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform

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Add Intro and Outro to Video
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