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Split Your Long Videos Into Short Clips

Learn how to split a video into parts for stories


Upload the long video you want to cut.


Select the social media story type or enter custom length.


Download your newly cut clips as a zip file.

Create Social Stories with Unlimited Length

The original video

Shared as Stories with Cut Story

Social media stories max out at 30 seconds for Whatsapp and Facebook, 15 seconds for Instagram and 12 seconds for VK, thus making it really hard to show a meaningful video clip in that short time frame.

WoFox Cut Story, helps you extend the duration of your social media video stories. Quickly cut your long videos into fragments of any length with WoFox Cut Story and post them as social media stories with seamless transition. No need to work with bulky video editor to make your cuts.

Do you want to cut your long video for your social stories?

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform

Total duration 03:50

Cut story

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  • Instagram / Snapchat stories
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  • Square
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Try other 50+ Video Editor Tools for Free

Cut, Mix, Trim, Crop, Text, Audio, Effects & 50+ tools to edit your videos.

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