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0 Video Templates: Create a Video from Premade Templates

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    Start with video templates

    Create videos with the above video templates. The templates are categorized as Fixed and Extendable and further labeled as Red, Blue, and Green.

    Fixed templates

    Fixed video templates are 'What You See Is What You Get' templates. Choose a Fixed template, change its contents and download it to your device.

    Extendable templates

    Extendable video templates have the same features of the Fixed templates, but you can extend the video length by adding new scenes.

    Red templates

    Red templates have both Fixed and Extendable templates. The videos created using Red templates are processed and rendered in the server first only then you can view your video.

    Green templates

    Green templates have only extendable templates. The videos you create via Green templates can be instantly previewed while you are customizing your video creations.

    Blue templates

    Blue templates have only Fixed video templates, but unlike the Red templates, the videos you create from Blue templates can be viewed instantly previewed before you download your final output.

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