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Online Watermarking Tool for Photos, GIFs & Videos

Learn how to add logo, text watermark or copyright symbols


Upload a photo, GIF or video from your computer.

Add Watermark

Select Logo/Trademark design from Watermark Library and add it your file.

Render & Download

Render the watermarked file and download it to your device.

Simple isn't it? Do you want to add watermark to your photo, GIF or video?

Watermarking made easy

Protect your JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF and MP4 files with your own brand logo or trademark and avoid them from unauthorized usage.

Add text, logo, brand, name, or copyright symbol to your files. Adjust them as you wish by changing their size and opacity, just the way you want for your brand to stand out.

Protect your files with your brand logo, colors, and fonts!

High Resolution

Add a watermark on your hi-resolution photos, videos or GIFs without any loss in its quality.

Font Choices

Choose from 750+ Fancy & 3D Text styles or upload your own custom font to use in your watermark design.

Copyright Symbols

Add copyright, trademark or a registered symbol which are readily available on WoFox to increase your brand authenticity.

Watermark Library

Save your text, logo or preset objects as template in your Watermark library in WoFoxAsset and use it anytime you want.

Batch Watermarking

Add watermark to multiple files in a single batch. Position/ adjust watermark in one file to apply the change on all files.

Auto Adjustment

The imported watermark file gets automatically adjusted in size and position so you get a neat watermarked imagery.


Adjust the transparency of your logo or text to blend it subtly into your images, videos, GIFs and other visual content.

Design Logo

Don't have a logo? Create it in minutes with your brand colors and fonts or using WoFox's resources with WoFoxDesign.

Do you want to add watermark to your digital files?

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform