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Why Short-form Looping Video Matters?

Simplify complex topics with shorter animated designs.

Bring emotions to your stories with subtle motion.

Captivate with eye-catching & never-ending looped clips.

People can’t stop staring at cinemagraphs!


GIFs from videos are best for teasers or sneak peeks.

GIF works in email too and increases CTA.

Create branded GIF stickers for GIPHY/Tenor.

It is easy to explain a product How-to through a GIF.

Create Compelling Short-form Animated Clips & GIFs

Animated Design Maker

Create looping motion video clips over a photo, video or animated background. You can easily add animated video effects to your image and even free background music.

Save and download the animated design as a short video (MP4).

Browse templates

Cinemagraph Maker

Connect with your audience at a personal level by giving life to the image of a product, model or landscape with a repeated, looping motion at specific parts.

Creating a cinemagraph isn’t rocket science. You can easily combine your still image/video and do magic with WoFox’s cinemagraph maker.

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Branded GIF Maker

Create cool branded GIFs that communicates your brand voice all by yourself with WoFox's branded GIF maker. It is not a traditional video to GIF converter but beyond that.

Play with text, colors, graphics, photos, and more in the GIF editor to create your own unique and branded GIFs. The possibilities are infinite.

Browse templates

Don't know where to start? Try one of our GIF templates.


Bring data, visual elements and animation together in a single gifographic and build more engagement for your content. Make your data visual and animated.

Creating a gifographic on WoFox is no rocket science. Get the charts, progress-bars, pictographs, and other design elements and typographies you want and animate them to create your own gifographics.

Or start with any one of WoFox's gifographic templates and have your gifographics created in a matter of minutes.

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Turn Images to GIF

Easily transform a sequence of your images to GIF with the Photo to GIF maker.

The alluring illusion of looping animation is created through the rapid display of static images and it is simple to create them.

Learn more

Turn Video to GIF

Do you want to turn a live action or animated video into a snackable looping GIF? Experience a fast and easy GIF creation from the Video to GIF maker.

Turn any MP4, WebM, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV or 3GP video from your computer to GIF or a video from Youtube into a GIF.

Learn more

Ready to create short-form videos and animated designs in minutes?

Create More Effective Digital Content with WoFox Platform

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