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Project Management Software for Content Creation

Ideal Online All-In-One Project Management Tool for Digital Marketers & Creators

Visual content creation on WoFox Platform with WoFoxProject


Brainstorm, conceptualize and strategize your visual content creation & campaign.


Create all your designs, photo arts, GIFs & video stories, all in one place.


Collaborate your visual content with your team & clients. Get real-time feedback.


Save time, re-use brand content when needed, eliminate unwanted process & easily close project.

Visual content creation with other tools

Visual content creation with other tools

Project Management


Create your own custom project workflows and stages (Tasks Lists) that are easy to implement and simple to use.

Custom Workflows

Create your own workflow and statuses to fit your team and project.

Tasks Lists

Organize and prioritize tasks into lists to keep things tidy.

Move or Copy

Move or Copy task lists between projects.


Define each stage of a project by setting its status.


Add your teammates and clients to collaborate with you on projects.


Keep track of all the changes made to project with a real-time feed.

Filters and Sorting

Easily find only the things you need so you can spend more time on what matters most.

Task Management


Create a task and assign it to yourself or your team members.

My Tasks

See all your tasks for a given day in one view.


Break big tasks into smaller checklists items and track progress.

Preset Checklist

Categorize tasks with tags with colored labels and use them to filters.


Assign and delegate work to members of your team.

Attach Files and Designs

Keep all required files and designs for the task in one place.

Due Dates

Give each task a due date to keep track of your deadlines.

Move or Copy Task

Move or Copy task between projects and task list.

Team Collaboration


Share ideas and discuss about your tasks in one place without all the email threads.

Task Comments

Easily communicate with your teammates about tasks on what needs to be done.

Proofing and Approval

Get approvals of your design or task before you move them to completed to minimize re-work and delays.

@ Mention

Prefix @ before your teammate’s name to directly notify them about something.


Be informed about all the tasks, messages or comments, @mentions, request approval and more. Also, customize how and when you receive notifications.


Project Dashboard

Get a real time snapshot of workspace activity from overview dashboard.

Advanced Filters

Use a combination of filters to get specific data across all projects.

Task List Overview

Learn about the percentage of overdue, completed and planned tasks in a task list.

Task Progress Bar

Keep track of the task completion rate of all the tasks inside your project.

Check List Progress Bar

Assign and delegate work to members of your team.

Attach Files and Designs

Keep track of the completion rate of the entire checklist inside your task.

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