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How to add transparency to the background image in WoFox | WoFox

How to add transparency to the background image of a design in WoFox

Increase transparency of your background image

Step 1: Click on the Create button

  • Go to the Create button and choose any of the WoFox's editor. Here we have chosen the Graphic Design.

Step 2: Select the category of a post

  • The category window appears, from which you can choose any of the categories.
  • Here we have selected the Instagram Post category.

template category window

  • You will be taken to the respective editor.

Wofox editor

Step 3: Select the Image option

Click on the Image option below the Background category.

Click on the image option

Step 4: Select Upload

The Media Library window appears, click on the Upload option.

Click on the upload option

Step 5: Select the Insert option

Select the image you want to set as a background and click on the Insert option.

Select the image

Step 6: Add the text

The selected image will be displayed on the editor. Now add the required text and graphics using the Graphics, Text, and Tools options in the left-side panel.

Add the text

Step 7: Select Background

    Select the Background category from the right-side panel.

    Select the background category

    Step 8: Change the Opacity

    In the properties option, control the Opacity of the background image as per your need.

    Change the opacity as per your need

    • Here we have reduced the opacity to 59.

    opacity to 59

    • The image becomes more transparent as you decrease the value of its opacity.

    opacity to 20

    Bonus Tip

    With this technique, you can also be creative with your GIFs. Check how you can create a GIF with increasing opacity.

    Got ideas now? Start creating your visual content in WoFox.

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