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How to remove image background with BG Remover | WoFox

How to remove image background with BG Remover

Remove the background or cut out an object from an image

Step 1: Click on the Create Button

  • Go to the Create button and choose any of the WoFox's editor. Here we have chosen the Graphic Design.


Step 2: Select the category of a post

  • The category window appears, from which you can choose any of the categories.
  • Here we have selected the Instagram Post category.

Select the category

  • You will be taken to the respective editor.

Wofox editor

Step 3: Select Graphics

Select the Graphics option from the left panel and select the Photo option.

Select graphics

Step 4: Choose a option

Choose any one of the options. Here we have chosen Photos from Pixabay.

Select a soption

Step 5: Select the image

Search for the image and select the image. The image will be displayed on the slide.

choose the image

Step 6: Select BG remover

Now select the BG remover below the Background category.

  • The BG Remover Preview window appears.

The remover preview appears

Step 7: Mark the areas

  • Mark the outline of the area you want to retain with yellow
  • Mark the area you want to retain with green
  • Mark the area you want to remove with a red

Once you are done, click the Transform button (Right arrow).

click on transform

Step 8: Click on Insert

Click on the Insert option to insert the image into the canvas of the editor.

Select the insert option

  • The image will be displayed on the canvas now.

The image is displayed on the editor

Bonus Tip

You can use the image for which you removed the background in any of your content creation.

  • Choose a Shape from the Graphics option on the left side panel to add shapes.
  • Click on the Text option from the left side panel to add text.

Add shapes and text

You can also remove the background of your design with other means. Learn how to add transparency to the background image and Learn How to download an image with a transparent background in WoFox.

Got ideas now? Start creating your visual content in WoFox.

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