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Announcement WoFox in January 2020

Hi there!

It’s a new year, a new day, and a new update from your friends at WoFox!

Quick updates

  • Added 1300+ new templates
  • Bug fixes

Coming soon to WoFox

  • Text to Video
  • Timeline Video Maker
  • Lyric Video Maker
  • Mega update to Content Calendar
  • Tweaks and improvements for speed loading

Thanks for reading and wishing you a successful year ahead!

WoFox Team

Announcement WoFox in 2019


‘Tis the season to be grateful, so we wanted to take a moment to thank you for using our services this year.

We want to thank you on behalf of the whole WoFox team.

In 2019, we released,

Audiogram and Video Snippets
Music Visualizer
Video Templates
Content Calendar
Facebook 3D Post
8000 Templates in Total

We've got huge plans for 2020 to take WoFox to an even higher level with:

Video Story Maker
Captioned Videos
Text to Video
Timeline Video Maker
Animated Logo Maker
Lyric Video Maker
Video Transition Effects
More Video and Design Templates

And much more!

Have a happy and safe holiday season,

— Team WoFox

Announcement Monthly Update - October and November 2019 Recap

Hi all,

It has been two months since the last monthly updates, and here are the things that took place in the last two months.

  1. Release of 2 new modules - Sermon Snippet Maker and Video Templates for general usage.

  2. The 6 modules that were tested are now available for general usage.

  3. Reached 7200+ templates

  4. Pricing plan changes

  5. Bug fixes

WoFox Team

Announcement Monthly Update - September 2019 Recap

Hi all,

A lot has happened in the month of September and here is a glance at all of them.

  1. The end of WoFox Beta testing for our testers.

  2. The launch of WoFox pricing and the opening of payment gateways.

  3. We received our first paid subscriber.

  4. Release of 8 new modules for general usage.

  5. Release of 6 new modules for testing.

  6. Reached 4100+ Templates.

  7. Improved Site design for better user experience.

  8. Bug fixes.

WoFox Team

Announcement End of WoFox Beta Testing for Our Testers


Since we've started the WoFox Beta Testing from 28 June 2019, all the features that are currently Live on WoFox are the result of the hard work and the time spent by our Beta testers and the WoFox Team. Thank you for your feedback, with that we were able to understand what experience we needed to provide to our users, and enhanced our services for better usability.

Now, WoFox Beta Testing for the testers has ended, and we have also opened up our product to the market with pricing for each of our plans. We may change the price slab in the future based on further additions to the WoFox platform.

Thanks for your support in the last three months. We now look into the future to build a great relationship with our users by offering our best service.

WoFox Team

Announcement Monthly Update - August 2019: 3000+ Total Templates


Yes, our total collection of templates has now gone past 3000 templates in only 65 days. At this rate, you can expect a total of 5000+ templates within 100 days of WoFox Beta Launch.

The WoFox Team

Announcement Brace yourself! 4 Tools are now live


We are very excited to share with you the release of the following WoFox Tools.

1. Red templates

Our newly released video templates are categorized as Red templates, and they are Ready-to-Edit and Download. A much-needed tool for those who create videos on the fly.

Red templates are simple to use: choose a template, customize its contents and download. It is to be noted that the videos created using Red templates are processed and rendered in the server first only then you can view your video.

However, there are more to come in video templates. Soon, other types of video templates such as Green templates and Blue templates will be released.

2. Video Editing Tools

23 out of 26 video editing tools are now ready to use for your specified video editing needs such as cut, trim, merge, split, add text, sound effects, optimize and many more.

3. Online Background Remover: Photo Cut Out Tool

Make any image a transparent PNG image by removing the background from the foreground. You can cut a product, object, white color, text, and people out of a photo using the BG removal tool. Background Remover is available both as a standalone tool in the WoFoxTools platform and inside the WoFox editors across other platforms.

4. UI Editing Tools

13 tools to create and edit social media and Website UI mockups, more tools to come. You can easily generate the perfect mock-up social media posts, chats and texts, and web interface that doesn't exist.

WoFox Team

Announcement 1000+ Graphic Design Templates And Still Growing


We are happy to announce that WoFox has reached 1000+ graphic design templates covering all the categories. But, this is not the end as the number will only be increasing and at a very fast pace.

We have reached 1000 Graphic design templates in 35 days after the launch of WoFox Beta. Since there is no limit for creativity and inspiration, WoFox's templates are always ever-growing.

Apart from graphic design templates, we are also creating Photo Collage, Photo Mockup, and GIF Templates, which will also be increased every day.

Currently, the number of templates available in each module that are open are:

Graphic Design - 1000+
Photo Collage - 120+
Photo Mockup - 40+
GIF - 75+

And the count is still growing. Our announcement for the 5000+ templates will be sooner than before.

The WoFox Team

Announcement WoFox Video Creation Modules


Happy Thursday!

Ever since the start of WoFox Private Beta testing, we have been receiving sincere and effective feedback from you all and each of them has helped us not only to shape WoFox into great content creation tool for designers and non-designers alike but also to give you an experience you'd never forget as you craft your visual stories on WoFox.

We are happy to introduce WoFox's much-awaited video creation modules which will be released by next week, once they are out, you can start creating videos, repurpose your existing digital media content to a completely new format and reach new audiences and increase your followers. Currently, we are testing our payment process and our payment gateways. Once this is successful, we'll have them enabled along with our video creation modules.

Thanks for supporting us all through this amazing journey with your honest feedback, which helped us make WoFox better than before. Do continue to create amazing content on WoFox and don't stop to share with me your experience. We will notify you when the video creation modules are released.

Thanks for your continuous support!


The WoFox Team

Save 5 hours a week while you create different types of visual content.

And see how your diversified content from WoFox help you reach new audiences. Absolutely zero skills required.

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